Small Car Transporters

Standard Small Car Transporter – Ultra-Lightweight Conversion

Small car transporting vehicles and other mediums are always readily available. Contact us for further details on our services.

Our small vehicle moving services provide hassle free transportation.

Key benefits include an absence of the requirement for an HGV. There is also no requirement for an O license. No tachograph is needed and there are no speed restrictions on your vehicle. Only the speed limit! You will benefit from the improved fuel economy at an exceptionally cheap price.

Small car transporters provide an unprecedented level of convenience due to their manoeuvrable bodies constructed with a fully welded, lightweight aluminium chassis.

Our Range

Here at Probuild Transport Systems, we offer a wide selection of transportation vehicles. All include reflective markers and LED side markers for road safety and come from many different manufacturers such as Fiat, Nissan, Peugeot or Mercedes.

Listening to our Customers

Our small transporting cars and trucks have evolved over the past 15 years to suit the customers as best as possible. For example, many customers complained about the loading angle as their transporting vehicles beaver tails would scrape on speed bumps or steeply cambered corners.

Instead of raising the chassis and heightening the center of gravity making it more unstable we made an all new, raised beaver tail at the back to stop the issue from recurring.

Not sure if this is the transporter you need? ‘Try before you buy’ with our hire and rental services.

3.5t Car Transporters

Standard 1 Car Transporter – Ultra-Lightweight Conversion

3.5t Fiat Ducato’s and 3.5t Nissan NV400 are readily available and continuously in build. Please contact us for pricing and further details.

3.5t car transporters offer hassle free vehicle transportation, key benefits include -

* No HGV licence required

* No O licence required

* No tachograph required

* Improved fuel economy

* Not restricted to 56mph

* Less than half the price of a 7.5t vehicle

* Ideal for built up cities like London

* Ultralight aluminium design for maximum payload

* Fully welded aluminium construction

* Dimensions to suit chassis

* Open centre section for maximum payload

* 3100mm lightweight folding aluminium ramps to allow loading of the lowest sports vehicles

* Ramps stowed in ramp chutes in rear open section

* 2 x LED work lights

* Rear outline markers

* LED side markers

* Side raves welded, capped at front and rear

* Anti-slip grip tape fitted to running surfaces

* 5 pairs lashing ring points fitted O/S & N/S

* Additional Extra Options

Listening to our Customers

Our 3.5t beavertail has evolved over the last 15 years and continues to do so. We achieve this by mainly listening to our customers and finding solutions to the daily or issues they face. The most common issue was the loading angle or scraping the underneath of the rear on a bad camber in the road or on speed bumps.

We have always built our body flat to the chassis instead of raising it up at the front, as this helps keep the centre of gravity lower if you are carrying a large load. So to negate these issues we raised the beavertail from the original design, which also makes the crank angle less preventing you from scuffing the underneath of your lowest of sports car. You can see this with the image of the GTR loaded onto the Nissan NV400.

Not sure if this is the vehicle for you? Why not ‘Try before you Buy’ and hire one of our rental vehicles such as;

* Fiat Ducato 3.5t with 16ft all aluminium body or the Nissan NV400 3.5t with 17ft all aluminium body.

CALL US TODAY ON 01264 850 085

CALL US TODAY ON 01264 850 085

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