MAD Suspension Systems


MAD Auxiliary Springs

Fantastic Made to Measure Suspension

MAD Auxiliary Springs provide fantastic made to measure suspension for any vehicle being both discreet and easy to install.

That is why experts recommend MAD, professionals install MAD, and drivers who want to combine safety and comfort use MAD Auxiliary Springs.

MAD Springs are designed for any type of extra load on standard springs.

Benefits of Having MAD Springs Installed are;

* Reliability - MAD products come with a lifetime guarantee

* Low Cost - Quick to install

* Quality - Recommended by manufacturers

* Specially Designed - Specific design for each make and model of vehicle

* Designed With You in Mind - Different design systems depending on your individual needs

* Convenient - No adjustments of original springs

* Cost Effective - Saves money on maintenance and repairs

* Production in accordance with ISO and TUV requirements

MAD Air Suspension

Optimum Auxiliary Air Suspension

Interactive MAD Air Suspension Systems provide the advantage of air pressure adjustment in order to give the exact amount of support needed for each specific load.

They are fully adjustable to guarantee a comfortable and safe ride under all circumstances, whether laden or unladed.

The double chamber stands alone, so it is independent from the original suspension. This results in increased comfort through optimum auxiliary air suspension which can be easily operated from the dashboard whilst driving.

Benefits of having MAD Air Suspension Installed are;

* Easy to operate

* Original springs remain active

* Quick installation, without requiring construction work

* Variable settings depending on load

* Production in accordance with ISO and TUV requirements

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