Probuild Transport Car Carrier Rental

Finding the right hauler for your car doesn't have to be a difficult job, especially when you take out one of Probuild Transport's Haulers. Probuild Transport have an amazing variety of haulers for any scenario. You can haul anything from an old sports car to a heavy duty 4 x 4 with our range of carriers. Should you need to to transport your car and have no way to do so, for example a race car that isn't road legal or a car that doesn't start up, hiring a car carrier could be the solution you're looking for. We offer ultra-reliable vehicles for rental and ensure that they are all maintained well, so that you can rest assure you will get to where you are headed.

If you have any questions about over vehicles, costs or anything else please contact us today! Call us on 01264 850 085 for any enquiry.

Probuild Transport Why use a car hauler?

There are many benefits from using a car hauler. The transport of a car would normally include driving that car to where you needed it, however with a car carrier there is only a very small distance that your car will have to be driven. This gives you the benefit of not risking any damage to a car if it's particularly valuable and even allows you to self-transport a vehicle that isn't drivable.

Why Hire From Probuild Transport?

We have multiple vehicle transporters which are designed to carry different weighted vehicles. We have 3.5t transporters for your everyday car and 4.5t transporters, which can carry something like a 4x4 or a truck. Our rental vehicles are all aluminium, have full width loading ramps and come with MAD air suspension; making your car carrying experience easy and hassle free.